Monday, March 6, 2017

National School Breakfast Week March 6-10th 2017

 School breakfast is 
important because it gives you the nutrients you need in order to go through the day, because a lot of kids don’t have time to eat a properly balanced breakfast before 
school or breakfast at all. They either reach for a junky cereal, i.e the quick and tasty, or they go without anything. Think of it this way: a car can win a race with top-of-the-line gas, it can limp through said race with average-to-poor gas, or it can go nowhere in the first place because it has no gas at all. 

 In celebration of National School Breakfast Week and March being National Nutrition Month, my school is launching a breakfast cart trial on Wednesday, March 8th. 

 That way even if kids don’t get to school on time and miss school breakfast or  if they need a healthy snack after the bell, the cart gives them another chance to fuel up. 

 We’ve also created a team Instagram and a hashtag to hopefully help students  inspire other students to participate and  try some healthier choices if they can. 

2016-2017 Vermont State Ambassador